In 1926, the de Harenne family offered the ruins of Orval and the surrounding land to the Cistercian Order so that monastic life could be re-established there.

Dom Jean-Baptiste Chautard, Abbot of Sept-Fons (Allier region of France) accepted responsibility for the foundation and sent to Orval a group of monks as the nucleus of the new community.

The enormous task of reconstruction was undertaken by Dom Marie-Albert van der Cruyssen, from Ghent, a monk of the abbey of La Trappe. Very quickly a new monastery built according to the plans of the architect Henry Vaes, rose on the same foundations as those of the 18th Century monastery. In 1936, Orval became an autonomous abbey and Dom Marie-Albert was elected Abbot.

In 1948, the rebuilding was complete and on the 8th September the church was solemnly consecrated. Shortly afterwards Dom Marie-Albert resigned as Abbot ; his task had been accomplished. He died in 1955, and with him, the most recent page of Orval's history is turned. The years which follow belong to the present.