1. Can I visit the Brewery ?

  2. After the visit, where can we taste an Orval ?

  3. Can I buy beer at the Abbey ?

1. Can I visit the Brewery ?

Requests for visiting the brewery are numerous while the place is quite exiguous. Unable to meet every demand, we have decided to refuse them all excepting those coming from professionals of the brewing sector, subject to management approval.

However, the historical part of the Abbey is open to individuals and groups every day of the year. One of the buildings of the site is dedicated to our brewing know-how and will allow you to get a glimpse of the whole production process of Orval beer.

Further information about the historical tour.

Moreover, we organize every year in September Open Door Days on online registration only.  

Further information about this visit and registration.

2. After the visit, where can we taste an Orval ?

After the visit of the historical part of the Abbey, you can taste an Orval  or have a meal in the  Inn « Auberge à l’Ange Gardien » situated at about 200 meters from the Abbey.

For more information and opening hours.

3. Can I buy beer at the Abbey ?

You can also buy beer at the monastic shop every day of the year, maximum 10 bottles per person. 

For any further information related to buying beer at the Brewery, please contact us.