For ever without end, Lord, God our Father, For ever, Lord, we shall praise you. Happy the men who adore you, Happy the word open to your love.

At regular intervals, we interrupt our various activities in order to come together in church for the Divine Office. At the appointed hours of day and night, we listen together to the Word of God and we offer our praise to the Creator. With psalms and hyms and songs inspired by the Spirit, we sing to God our gratitude and our joy at living in His presence. With time, in the harmony of voices there is forged a common chord and a unison of heart and spirit.

In our day-to-day world, the prayer-life of monasteries stands as an eloquent sign of God's transcendence. A community of persons which makes prayer the essential task of its life reminds everyone that God is living, that He is present, that they relate to Him and that this fulfills their being. To pray is to draw near to the Living One that He may grant us life.

"The most beautiful discourse one can make about God is a life spent listening to God and responding to Him. It is essential, and for the human being, it means to live in fullness."
Msgr Coffy