Ever devoted to its Trappist beer, the Orval Brewery promotes this Ambassador d'Orval label.

For the 2024th edition, 380 pubs and restaurants have been rewarded for serving Orval: 245 establishments in Belgium, but also 5 in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, 27 in France, 2 in Germany, 33 in the Netherlands, 25 in the UK, 30 in Italy, 4 in Spain and 12 in the USA.

To obtain the label

The Ambassador Orval label is every year conferred on cafes and restaurants that best meet the criteria of Presence, Service and Knowledge. This distinction is bestowed by a committee composed of representatives from the Brewery and the franchise holder.
With this initiative, the Brewery of Orval honours those individuals who, by their motivation, showcase one of the 12 Trappist beers in the world.

The establisments, who obtained the label for 2024 will present you in their pub a unique gift : the emblematic view of the bottle and glass of Orval in an original frame, personalized with the name of the establishment..

Three criteria: Presence, Service, Knowledge

The café owner presents Orval with optimal visibility in his establishment. The consumer will thus find his Orval Trappist beer in a typical setting. Various quality advertising props are featured in these establishments.

The purpose of quality orientation is to remind the manager of the art of good service that lovers of Orval appreciate when tasting their brew: a choice between an Orval served cold or at room temperature, the use of a specific, dry glass for each beer, the desired accompaniment with Orval cheese, all presented with an overall smile to the client.

The Orval Ambassadors are not only appreciated for their excellent service and the special Orval ambiance in their establisements, but also for their knowledge about Orval .
Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about the brewing and the history of this cistercian Abbey.

Verification and bestowal

In order to be as objective as possible independent personalities of the Brewers have been entrusted with the mission of paying anonymous visits to candidates. They report back on the application of the criteria of presence and service.
The Orval Ambassadors selected are invited to receive their enamelled plaque and an exclusive gift at a convivial event held in the very venue where their favourite beer is brewed.
The candidate who has shown the most motivation and affinity for Orval receives this trophy in bronze.

The winner Magna cum laude of the competition for 2024 is :


Route de Marche 110

6940 Barvaux-sur-Ourthe

+32 84 43 00 60

Closed : Tuesday/Wednesday

On to the 22st edition

Bolstered by this experience, the Brewery of Orval has already provided information for its 21st edition, i.e. Ambassadeur Orval 20243. In other words, every year, Ambassadors will retain their medals or new candidates will receive their label. Applications must reach the brewery through your franchise holder by 28 February 2023.